Wearing the Perfect Shoes for a Date

Whenever getting advice on what to wear, it is important to only follow a piece of advice if it works for you. Almost everyone will have their own advice on what outfit will work...

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Dress Your Best for Any Date

If you want to dress to impress your first date, it is more important to think about the person you’re going on a date with and where you are going. To dress according to the...

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Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Style

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to dress in a way that will make everybody remember you. There is a growing trend toward clothing that is simultaneously comfortable and...

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How to Dress for a Date

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Know What to Expect

girl holding white bag Know what activity your date has planned. You don’t want to show up in heels and a dress if you’re off to the tumbling gym for the evening.

A Good Fit

girl trying on red dress Don’t be tempted to wear tight clothes. You want to show off your figure a little bit, but if your clothes are suffocating, you’ll be distracted just trying to breathe.


girl wearing accessories Spice up your outfit with a scarf and jewelry. Accessories can take a simple sweater from boring to beautiful and offer the final touches for a night on the town.